Conditioning Your Puppy

The Small Ones

When you bring a new puppy into your house then, he is entering into a totally new atmosphere because before that he is just a cute little kid living with mom and starving for food and warmth. After coming with you he has a new family, new traditions and whole new system in front of him and he does not even know that why this transition has occurred and whether this transition is good for him or bad? This all depends on you that you need to make him believe that his new home is safe and secure for him and he can get food, warmth and every other necessity without any problem.

Besides just providing him with good food, attention, love and other similar things there are some other more specific things which your puppy also wants to adapt to new conditions.

Conditioning Inside The Home

There are so many activities going on throughout the day inside the house. One of you will be getting ready for the office in the morning, one will be playing games and watching TV, one will be preparing meals and staying in kitchen and all of these activities are totally new to your puppy and he will take them as mass confusion unless you can condition him to these activities and make him take these activities as normal activities. There are some other activities which can be totally unfamiliar for your puppy and can make him frightened at times.

Cleaning Day

Cleaning day is an event which can be quite shocking for your puppy because he would have never seen such an activity before. You will take out your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning your bedroom but your puppy will be quite frightened by the noise of vacuum cleaner at first but if you say some kind words to him and keep him close to you during the whole cleaning thing then, he will most probably feel lot better and will not behave frightened. You need to look at every activity from his perspective and make sure that you are making him comfortable by doing the activity in a mostly harmless way. The conditioning also depends upon your puppy's age and if he is still in early days then, it will take time for him to adjust but if he is grooming rapidly then, it should not take him much time to adapt to these activities.

Conditioning Your Puppy for Visitors And Guests

This is a very common problem which most of the people face with new puppy‟s that they do not know how to train them to behave well with visitors and guests whether these visitors are relatives, friends, service providers or anyone else. When someone comes in your house then, he feels excited after seeing a new puppy at home and tries to tap him but your puppy will not take this tapping very pleasantly and will most likely growl or bark at them. This response can be avoided if you tell your visitors that you have a new puppy and tell them not to approach him at first place instead let the puppy come to those people and make his acquaintance. This is the best way which can avoid all the trouble.

Conditioning Outside Home

You do not only need to condition your puppy inside the house but he also needs some conditioning outside the house because when you take him out then, he is exposed to hundreds of different smells and sounds which are totally new to him and he can respond in any way. Little conditioning and extra care of your puppy will help him to adapt to those conditions very well.

The Leash of Your Dog

You always need a leash for your new puppy to make him believe that he needs to control his exploration. Especially if you do not have a fence in your backyard then, you will definitely need to leash your puppy to avoid getting neighbor‟s complaints. Even if you have a fence then still, you will need a leash for your dog and walk with him in the neighborhood to satisfy his instincts of exploration and to make him familiar with the neighborhood. Some people may find it little awkward to walk their puppy on a leash but it will be just a matter of time when he will become free of that leash.

Going For Walk

Going on a walk can also be a little adventure for your new puppy and it can be little embarrassing for you at the start because he will not know how to behave with people whom you meet during a walk and how to treat other dogs which you see during the walk. He may bark unconditionally at people and other dogs but it will be just in some initial days and if you train him properly then, he will learn to behave.