Rest In Peace Sugar! I Miss You Dearly

Rest In Peace Sugar! I Miss You Dearly

I recently had to put down my chihuahua due to many health issues. She had diabetes and was blind due to diabetes. I had taken her to all of her vet visits, but on her last visit, which was her senior visit, the vet neglected to do a blood test on her.

It was soon after I noticed her eyes changing. It started with one eye and migrated to the next. She also had a lot more trouble with one of her eyes. The medicine I put in her eyes cost $70 a pop. Often she was in a lot of pain. When she was in pain, I would stay up all night with her.

In the end, to avoid any more suffering, I decided to put her down. She was the best dog and is very much missed. Many vets said she did not act like a chihuahua, not a mean streak in her. She was nice. Even when she was blind, she was always happy. 

I miss you Sugar so much. I hope you are happy and healthy. You were my baby girl.

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