The Basics

If you have adopted a puppy and have brought him home then, it is your responsibility to teach him certain things which can socialize him. He should know the tactics to live accordingly with your family and should not create any mess. There are different methods to do that and one of them is to hire some professional dog trainer but that is for people who have too much money to spend on their dog. You can also do this on your own very easily because there is no rocket science involved in this training and you can do it effectively.

Management of Dog’s Behavior

First of all, you need to groom your dog behavior wise and tell him some basic things and adjustments which he has to make in his behavior. You need to keep an eye on your dog all the time in initial days and if you are leaving your new dog at home then, you can use a crate to keep him away from a mess. A crate should be made big enough so that dog can move around in that crate and also try not to use that create overtime. When you are at home, bring your dog in your room and keep an eye on him. Some people have this idea of unleashing their dog at home but this is done when you have properly trained your dog‟s behavior and you see no more glitches which you need to fix. In starting days, you should always keep your dog on a leash. Some dogs have this habit of chewing the leash and for such dogs, you can use a chain leash.

Exercise for Your Dog

There are two ways to do exercise for your dog and these are mental and physical. In order to improve your dog‟s animal instincts and make him friendlier, you need to cope with both of his mental and physical exercises. Physical exercises are necessary to keep him healthy and in good shape while mental exercises are also important because these will help him to understand you and your commands more properly and he will be able to mix with your family atmosphere more effectively. Yo9u need to make sure that your dog gets aerobic exercises as these aerobics allow your dog to increase the blood rate and burn off pent-up energy.

You also need to know that dogs have a very curious nature and you need to make sure that your dog explores everything around and he should use his sense of smell to investigate his surroundings. A stuffed Kong or toy is the best way to provide entertainment for your dog as well as you and your family. These toys are readily available at almost all pet stores and they are a great fun to have. If you do not provide your dog with entertainment and physical activities then, he will become over aggressive and will start to show some bad behavior at times. You should keep learning different training skills from the internet and apply them o your dog to teach him some good and energetic tricks and skills. This will allow you to spend time with him and he will also enjoy all of this.

Make Him Understand the Structure Of Your Family System

Dogs are social animals and they are also packed animals. They have this habit of living in packs where they have a specific leader of their pack. When you bring in home, then, you also need to make sure that you are providing him with a good understanding of your family system in which there should be one head of your family. You can also make yourself as the master or leader of your dog by controlling his activities. Food, sleep, playing and exercise are the 4 basic activities of your dog and if you can control these then, your dog will accept you as your leader.

Make Your Dog Kids Friendly

Kids are an important part of every family and most of the times they are the ones who like dogs most. You need to make sure that your dog is kids friendly because in many cases it is seen that dogs get jealous of the kids because they do not want their master to pay attention to someone else. This behavior should be corrected. You should encourage your dog‟s good behavior like sitting and you should also discourage bad behavior like barking or jumping. Kids like to hug their dogs and you should train your dog to like hugs.