Advanced Training of Your Dog

Stepping Up

Whether you have a new puppy at home or you have an adult dog who needs to learn some more advanced habits r you want him to forget some rather undesirable habits but for all of this you must know some basic training principals and especially if you want your dog to be proactive and learn some advanced skills then, this information will be really helpful for you.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive training includes all the methods which contain love, fun, care and lots of car rides with your dog. There are some other methods also available which involve some torture like electrical collars, use of the stick to training your dog and other similar methods.

These methods are all full of violence and you should avoid them as much as possible even if someone tells you to apply these methods but you should never adopt these methods. Positive dog training is always more effective than negative training methods because, in this training, your dog will learn more quickly as he starts to trust you and starts to believe in you because he knows that if he will start acting on your commands then, he will be rewarded with different treats.

Clicker Training

Clicker method is also another positive training method which gives very positive results. Interesting fact about this method is that it was initially used for dolphins. In this method, a device is used and you have to click that device every time your dog does something that you approve. This is a very fun and entertaining method of training for both of you.

It is more effective because the sound from that device is faster and in most of the cases quicker than your own voice. Your dog will associate a treat with every click and it effective for puppy training as well as for adult dog training.

Dog Whispering

This is another training method which was initially used for horse training but now it is very familiar with dog training and in this method, you use your dog‟s body language and understand his gestures more properly to communicate in a better way with him. This training method requires that you should understand dog‟s body language completely and then act accordingly and in a way that dog should understand it better.

Lead and Collar Training

These collars are specially made for dog training and you control them with a lead. Whenever you pull that lead then, these collars will exert some pressure on dog‟s neck. This method is little hurting but is suitable for those dogs which are more aggressive towards training and are not accepting positive methods of training. This method should only be implemented by someone who knows exactly what he is doing and he has the dog‟s greater wellbeing in sight.

Whistle Training

Whistle training is relatively a difficult method of training and cannot be used with ordinary dogs. You always need some professional trained to properly implement whistle training because it is used for distance control in hunting and other similar activities.

Some Basic Training Principals

There are some principals in training which you need to always remember. First of all, you need to make sure that you are praising your dog when he does something good and something which you are trying him to do. This appreciation is not like saying very good but this praise should be in form of some treat like a mild food item or a small car ride. Correction is also part of your training and if your dog does something wrong then, you must correct him and make him believe that he has to avoid that certain action in future.

Your voice has a great impact on your dog. Your dog can not understand the words which you are saying but he will get an impression from your voice tone that whether you are praising him, taunting him or you want him to do a certain task. Praising should be done in a normal and polite voice tone while you need to deliver commands in some hard and loud tone.

Consistency is another thing because dogs have a short recalling memory and you need to make sure that you do not stop training your dog at any point. You should make it your habit to train your dog every day. Whether you teach him old tricks but this will help your dog to remember everything that he learns.

Timing is also important in dog training and you need to make sure that dog is not bored by your training. The best method is to train him in shorter spells like for 10-15 minutes but 2-3 times a day. This will invoke his interest and he will wait for that time.