Meet London's Latest Desert Obsession

Meet London's Latest Desert Obsession

Egg waffles are London's new dessert obsession. 

A freaky new waffle/cone/ice-cream hybrid has landed n London. Take a bubbly waffle, roll it up and stuff it with Nutella, fruit, and ice cream.

You can choose from lots of different toppings. Including Oreos, nuts, fruits and ice cream.

The waffle cones come in different flavors too. There's also a savory option with avocado and egg.

Bubbly waffles originated in Hong Kong. But now London has its own dessert shop.

The bubble effect happens by heating the waffle mixture over a machine. Prices start a 4.91 in U.S. Dollar which equates to 3.99 in British pounds for the base and then you add your toppings.

And finally...

Insert into face.


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