How Old Is Your Dog In People Years?

How Old Is Your Dog In People Years?

To calculate your dog’s age in human years, you simply need to multiply his age by seven, right?

For instance, if a dog is 6 years old, one might assume that his age would be equivalent to a 42-year-old human. But actually, that formula is not very accurate. To determine your dog’s “human” age, you need to take a couple of other factors into account.

The rule "multiply by 7" is not really true! It depends a lot on your dog's size and breed.

Physically big dogs may mature slowly, but age more rapidly after puppyhood. Small dogs may grow faster, but usually, aren't considered "senior" until much later in life.

So, you can think of a Great Dane as senior at age 7, but a chihuahua isn't a senior until he's 11-plus. But remember, age is just a number!

With preventative wellness care, proper diet and exercise, your pet can often live a long,
happy life.

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