17 Most Expensive Dogs In The World

17 Most Expensive Dogs In The World

If you want a dog there are literally places around your state giving them away. Dogs are man’s best friend and they are lifelong commitments once they come into your care. A well-behaved dog can provide you with love, comfort, security, and that tingling sensation in your chest that is just worth more than money can buy. However, if you do have a fat stack of cash sitting around a penchant for expensive purchases then keep on reading. Though all dogs are wonderful, these dogs are among the most expensive in the world. Whether their breeds are prized or they are exceptionally rare, the reasons are multiple. Keep on reading to learn about the 11 most expensive dogs on the planet.

Tibetan Mastiff - $1.9 Million

Only a few years ago a Chinese real estate mogul made the history books when he shelled out nearly $2 million dollars for a Tibetan Mastiff. Tibetan Mastiffs are giant dogs known for their calm demeanor, floppy tongues, and gorgeous mane of fur around their head. The Mastiff was sold at a Chinese ‘Luxury pet Fair’ where it fetched numerous bids until the unidentified man landed the winning price. The reason for this huge price point is that purebred Tibetan Mastiff’s are exceedingly rare in China and thus have become a sort of status symbol for the uber rich and flamboyant. The bear-like Mastiff weighed in at 200 pounds while standing almost 3 feet tall. Prior to this sale the record was $1.5 million for a red Mastiff named Big Splash back in 2011. With such a focus on status at this level of Chinese business we can pretty much promise that the record will be broken once more and probably not too far into the future.

English Bulldog – $4,500

While Bulldog’s get stereotyped all over the world, English Bulldog’s are pushing to get their reputation cleaned. English Bulldogs are ultra likeable, squat creatures that can be had for a small fee of $3,000. English Bulldogs live around 10 years and they are incredibly affectionate toward members of their family, These big dogs demand a ton of healthy dog food in order to really focus and hone in on a long and healthy life. As lovely as the English Bulldog is, the bred does tend to run into quite a few health issues later on in life. So you’ll need to be ready for potential vet bills once you decide to adopt a dog of this variety. We highly suggest sticking to organic dog food while spending time at dog training schools. This way you can get a well behaved and healthy English Bulldog, thus eliminating some of the breed risk.

Samoyed – $4,000

The Samoyed breed of canine is striking for its fluffy body and striking white coat. This breed is originally from Siberia and indigenous initially to the nomadic Samoyedic tribe. The Samoyedic tribe of people were known for their herding of reindeers and it is no surprise that the Samoyed was involved. Samoyed help both with breeding and sled pulling despite their smaller frame, weighing in at up to 66 pounds. Samoyed’s are ultra friendly but they are very active. If you don’t stick to good dog foods, an active schedule, and a busy home life then you will get a dog that goes into the yard to dig or starts to make a mess in the house. We advise these dogs for active people and ones who plan on being around them enough. Oh yeah, and a pure bred will cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 depending on the breeder.

Pharaoh Hound – $6,500

Despite the name, the Pharaoh Hound has nothing to do with Egypt. Instead, the name was likely glommed on due to the pointed features of the dog’s face as well as its high ears — both traits seen in many Egyptian drawings. The Pharaoh Hound is actually from Malta and it represents a supremely athletic breed of dog. This breed has short red coats and noses that match their skin tone. An interesting aspect of these athletic creatures is that both their noses and ears can turn a slightly different shade, blushing, whenever they feel supremely excited. The Pharaoh Hound looks similar in shape to a Greyhound but they are much harder to train and keep around as a family pet. If you do decide to buy a Pharaoh Hound you need to be ready to really focus on dog obedience training.

Irish Wolfhound – $2,000

The Irish Wolfhound will crack open our list of expensive dog breeds at a hot $2,000 price point. When you look for these kind of dogs for sale you have to be prepared to pay a bit extra in exchange for what you are getting. Irish Wolfhounds are huge dogs who are striking in appearance and intimidating to people who aren’t used to being around them. The Irish Wolfhound was originally bred for use in hunting, wolves namely, as well as security. This is the tallest breed of dog in the world and that of course comes with a few caveats. Large dogs tend to have joint and health issues so you’ll need to keep up to date with premium dog food while also maintaining their physical aspects through the use of dog behavior training. Irish Wolfhounds are notorious for their quirky personalities so we consider training a must.

Azawakh – $3,000

The Azawakh is a native breed hailing from across the ocean in Africa. This breed of dog is reminiscent of the many racing breeds that are out there: long limbed, pointed head, and protruding ribs make up the standard look of the Azawakh. The Azawakh are an incredibly hardy breed of dog despite their thin appearances. Known as a coursing hound, Azawakh’s routinely recover from any injury much faster than other counterparts. They do need a ton of exercise in order to stay healthy. They are also a social and emotional breed of dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $1,000 – $14,000

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an intriguing addition to our list due to its wide price range. This toy breed of dog can live up to 14 years and is typically the perfect family dog. The Cavalier King Charles imitates all of the traits that made Spaniel’s so popular in America: friendliness, playfulness, and patience. If you need a family pup you can do no wrong here, that is assuming you get the right price.

Peruvian Inca Orchid – $3,500

If you ascribe to the thought that ‘beauty is subjective’ you can perhaps find your way to owning a Peruvian Inca Orchid. These Inca Orchid is among the strangest looking dogs on the entire planet. They are hairless across their entire body, outside of a slash of brightly colored fur on both their head and their tail. The Peruvian Inca Orchid looks like a creature pulled straight from a Disney movie only they are very much real.

Rottweiler – $4,000

The Rottweiler is a sturdy, large, and intelligent breed of dog that is unfairly the victim of a smear campaign. While it is true that Rottweilers are statistically more aggressive, that is due to bad owners taking advantage of the breed’s wonderful genetic dispositions. Rottweilers are fiercely intelligent, loyal to a fault, and hard workers. You can train a Rottweiler for a variety of actual jobs: from police dog to therapy dog, and you’ll never find a more loyal friend in life. These dogs need room to stretch their legs, however, so keep that in mind.

Akita – $4,500

Asia has found quite the way to gain our list and one of their most impressive breeds is the Akita. The Akita, pure bred, can be bought for around $4,500 from a breeder. These dogs are natives of the northern region of Japan, hailing typically from the mountains. When looking at Akita you have to realize that there are really two different kinds. There is the Akita Ken and the Akita. The Akita Ken is the Japanese strain of the dog, consisting of only a few colors in their coat. The American breed of Akita tends not to worry so much about having a specific color. They are large dogs with powerful jaws and a sturdy torso. Akita are typically aloof but they are loyal and loving to the bone with their family members. While not the most iconic breed of dog in the world, Akita’s are directly tied to their country of origin: Japan.

Lowchen – $6,000

The Lowchen is the smallest dog in our top three but the breed still requires a fat stack of cash if you want to take one home. Lowchen, or Little Lion Dog, is a breed that comes from Europe, namely in France and Germany. At full height and weight this breed gets to be no heavier than 18 pounds and 14 inches tall, though females can come a little bit smaller on both counts. Lowchen aren’t expensive for their physical traits. Instead, the Little Lion Dog is considered one of the rarest breeds of dog in the world. Less than a hundred are registered with the AKC each year. This ‘toy’ breed of dog can trace its lineage back to the 1400s.

Saint Bernard – $1,500 per puppy

If you grew up in the ’90s then you probably fell in love with the Saint Bernard breed of dogs. These lovable dogs are known for being gigantic, friendly, and all over the world of pop culture. Saint Bernard’s grow up to 200 pounds in weight and they can live for a decade with proper care, both nutrition and physical. Saint Bernard’s are purebreeds that many people assume to relatively affordable — though this is not the case. Saint Bernard’s clock in at an average price of $1,500 per puppy if you going through a registered breeder. They are worth every penny if you put in the time to train them and maintain their active lifestyle.

Boerboel – $1,600 per puppy

The Boerboel makes our list by way of South Africa where the breed is used most often as a form of home security. The Boerboel is a gigantic dog that is just a shade under the Saint Bernard in terms of size. The average weight of a Boerboel is in the realm of 200 pounds and they stand at 28 inches in height. Though they are a big dog, and most big dogs have health issues, the Boerboel lives up to 11 and 12 years on average. Boerboel’s are well regarded for their high intelligence, loyal demeanor, and fiercely protective personality. If you want a dog for home security that will cuddle and play with the kids on its down time then you can’t do any better. They come, on average, at around $1,600 per puppy.

Miniature Bull Terrier – $1,700

If you want a highly energetic pup that is great around children then you need to look into buying yourself a Miniature Bull Terrier. This breed of dog is well regarded for its friendly demeanor and is great in active households with strangers and children coming and going. The Mini Bull Terrier lives on average to about 13 years of age and it never really grows past the 30 – 40 pound weight range on a healthy diet. Mini Bull Terrier’s make great competition dogs as their high intelligence and friendly demeanor make them very teachable. A puppy of this breed will run you around $1,700 from a recognized breeder.

Landseer – $2,000

This uncommon pup will run you quite the pretty penny if you decide you need to call one your own. The Landseer is a long haired, medium sized breed that lives up to around 10 years. The Landseer is a purebred that comes to us by way of Germany and it is there that they first really became popular. Landseers are loyal, loving, and fiercely intelligent. As a result of their intelligence the Germans started using Landseers in competition due to their retrieving ability. They’ve also been known to make great rescue dogs. The Landseer will run you about $2,000 if you want your own puppy.

Black Russian Terrier – $2,100

The Black Russian Terrier is one of our favorite terrier breeds in the world. This breed is very independent and they can handle being on their own a bit before coming right back into your arms for good old fashioned cuddle times. The Black Russian Terrier weighs in at around 145 pounds and they grow to a height of nearly 30 inches on average. With over a decade as their average lifespan you need to realize that you are in it for the long haul when plunking down their $2,100 investment price for a pup.

Berger Picard – $2,300

Though undoubtedly one of the more odd names on our list, the Berger Picard is anything but. This breed of dog is known for its long shaggy hair, attentive face, and unbridled energy. This is a long-lived breed that can last upward of 15 years due in large part to the fact that they only weigh in at around 60 to 70 pounds on average. The Berger Picard will run you close to $2,300 at an agency.

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